September 13, 2011

Big Changes!

So, I just came across our sad little blog. We had high hopes of starting fresh in 2011. Is 2011 really almost over?!

So much has changed. We moved into a bigger house just down the road from our first house. It is nice to have a basement again. As I kid that was our escape or hideaway from my parents. I am sure Orianna and Tessa feel the same now.

We are pregnant...most of you know this but we just had the Ultrasound and found out we are going to be having a little boy! WHOA... I am still in shock. I was pretty sure that it was going to be a little girl. I had the ultrasound tech check 3 times. I am sure she thinks I am pretty lame. It was obvious all 3 times but you just have to make sure some times. We called to tell Tessa that she was getting a brother, she groaned. Her first question was, "Is he going to pull my hair?" I laughed and said not any more than Orianna does. (Orianna is becoming quite the bully.)

I entered a picture of Tessa in her University of Utah gear to win tickets to the "Holy War" between BYU and UTAH. The cool thing is we won!!! So Joey and I will be attending the game this weekend. Tessa opted out to go when she found out the seats were super close and not way up high in the stadium. Joey and I had our first date to a Holy War game 5 years ago, only it was on Utah's turf. We are excited to be Red dots in the sea of Blue!

Tessa started Kindergarten this year. She is SO excited and absolutely loves it. She has to come home right after school and do her homework. I hope that eagerness continues through the years. She is growing up so fast. My blonde blue eyed tall girl!

Orianna is going to be 2 years old next week (24th) I can't believe my little girl is so grown up! She has quite the sense of humor and is tougher than nails. She keeps us on our toes and laughing quite a bit.

Joey is in the middle of Coaching football. It is fun to see him with the kids. I have to admit I like watching my husband on the side lines! I am SO proud of him for taking on the Defensive Coordinator position with Varsity.

I will update the blog with pictures someday...but we have gone 9 months with out posting so who knows!!

4 reflections:

Kristy said...

I for one did NOT know you were expecting!!! Sonia told me last week! CONGRATS!!! Do you want your cute toys back?! We can just pass them around and around... Congrats again!

grannidi said...

Wow!! Way to go Em! I was just doing my usual weekly check on all the blogs, and didn't expect anything new here. So glad you started up again! I love ready blogs about my family :) THANKS!
Oh! And if I haven't said it lately, LOVE YOU!

Calerich said...

Woo hoo! A post! I just checked your blog, as you can see I am months late, but hey. I love it! Keep the posts coming. :)

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